I am vacillating and wasting time + energy. I need to decide and move forward.


I am and online fitness and weight loss coach for women over 40 who want to lose 40lbs or less. I run fitness groups online where all my clients workout, track nutrition and check in with me daily. I use Beachbody workouts and nutrition as my tools because they work and I use them daily myself.

However, I’m struggling with this structure and have for a few years because Beachbody is an MLM, and the only way to really make a viable income with this company is to build a team of coaches. Some days, this seems fine, but other times, I start talking myself out of this partnership because of a variety of reasons (MLMs have bad reputations, I’m building a business on someone else’s brand, it’s hard to make $$ this way…. ) the list goes on.

The result of this back and forth is that I haven’t gotten very far. I coach clients, but I have a serious block around building a team. I have seen evidence of other people being successful, so I know it’s possible, but the odds are not great. In my insecure moments, I tell myself that this is a waste of time and that people will avoid me because I’m aligned with an MLM.

My problem is that I can’t make up my mind of being in or out. When I start seeing success, I worry that I’ll be committed to this company and I’m afraid for all the reasons I mentioned above. The truth is that my lack of success has kept me safe because I can just leave any time. If I have a team, I have a commitment to them!

Help me think about this differently or make my decision to quit or commit. The back and forth is getting me nowhere.