I can’t shake the belief that people don’t want to work with me.

I started my coaching business almost 5 years ago. I spent the first 4 years wanting to be a health and fitness life coach for moms. I did all the things. Social media, freebie opt-ins, email lists, sales pages, etc. Never sold a single coaching package.

I did a 180 about a year ago and shifted to business coaching. I am an attorney and CPA and this felt more aligned with my background and the health and fitness things was not working.

I now help overworked life coach moms grow their businesses so they can leave their 9-5. I help with time and money management and biz strategy.

I am still doing all the things and more. In addition to the above I am very active in a variety of Facebook groups, Instagram, and Pinterest ( I have hired manager to help with theses). I post once a week on my blog. I have been a guest blogger, a guest on a few podcasts, and the guest expert for a week in a couple of different Facebook groups.

I have not had a single consult. As a result of the last five years I do not believe people want to work with me. I have used the model many, many times to change this thought but I always get stuck in the evidence (the lawyer in me) that people do not want come to me for consults.

As a result of these thoughts I feel VERY discouraged and frustrated. Feel like I Should just get a real lawyer/account job. I want to give up. Then after a few days of these thoughts I get back on the horse and keep going.

I so badly want to help Moms and I deeply believe that I am awesome at time and money management ( I have 6 kids) but I am missing something in my message.

Thanks for your help!