I can’t stand the pushback from my staff. How can I handle this differently?

I have a staff of 5 people. My S/M person is newer, maybe 6 months on the job. She does not have a lot of experience and neither do I in this area. I have a new admin person, 3 months on the job. Seems to argue with me a lot, wanting clarity but arguing. I have been a people pleaser and have taken back problems or changed direction often.
I am changing this now and have staff (2) people. My S/M and Admin positions, constantly asking for clarification or wanting me to make decisions that are not necessary for my involvement.

In our daily standup meeting, I walked through a scenario that occurred the prior day that wasted three people’s time regarding a client’s payroll, a staff person was not paid via direct deposit. We jumped into a frenzy to solve the problem but come to find out the paycheck was run, but the business owner forgot to print the check. We were not talking with the business owner but a staff person.
I asked for each person to relay what had happened, what their part was. That was interesting because my admin wanted to summarize her part. After we went through the scenario, that wasted about 2 hours of our day.
I asked if there was a better way to handle the situation and go great feedback from staff as to how to handle the situation. How to change the way we handle the situation but still the admin person needed to have clarification because all she heard me saying was, should just dump it on you??