I don’t believe yet I can get my dream job

I must say I’m starting to see progress. While I did not even look at other job opportunities (thinking I would anyway not find a job I would wish for), I am at least now watching out for other jobs and working on believing that I can find this new “dream job”.

I just recently found an announcement that sounded really appealing, but I observed how I did not even wanted to read the full announcement because I was too scared of being disappointed to read that I would not fulfill all requirements. When now reading the announcement, my brain immediately highlights all the aspects, I do not or only partly fulfill. It tells me stories about how out of hundreds of  applicants obviously many will be better positioned than I am.

I am aware that I need to continue working on my beliefs and thinking. Just as much as I know that the likelihood of some other applicants having more experience, being a better fit, I also know that I tend to underestimate myself and beat myself down.

I guess I have the typical “failing ahead” situation here, where I prefer to stay in the safe zone of not getting rejected by not applying at all.
I also realized when applying for jobs, I often try to overcompensate my lack of belief with actions.

I think I just realized what I outlined above is just normal and I am probably on good track as long as I do not give up.

Thank you in advance for any input/advise.