I don’t hate life coaching

I was coached by Brooke recently and told her I didn’t really like being a coach and wanted to do something else. After the call I thought, huh… I don’t actually dislike the coach part, but I hate the getting clients part and I feel like I do that way more than coach. I’ve actually not even been paid for coaching, just my other offerings. I’m wondering if I should have a separate site just for coaching. I also feel like I have to get my clients from Facebook and I do dislike Facebook. The clients I’ve found from my other offers are from Facebook, I haven’t gotten them any other way, I had a business coach I no longer work with who wanted me to be all in on Facebook and that’s what I learned.

So I guess I have two questions. One is why would I say I don’t like coaching and would rather do something else? Sometimes I feel like that’s true and I’d rather quit paying for all my scheduling software and have a quiet life not handling zoom calls and write vampire novels and inspirational stories. (Maybe not at the same time).

The other question is how to love marketing? I feel like I’d rather poke myself in the eye some days than be on social media.