I feel amazing; have 0 paying clients – part 2

Reading the coaching I got here about my feeling of breakthroughs in my TW but not having clients and the coaching that if I don’t get a yes/no answer, then I’m not making offers brings this model:

C – making offers for my coaching business
T – I thought I made progress
F – frustrated
A – cry. spin thinking that what I thought was progress in my mindset isn’t progress at all. consider giving up because “I don’t understand.” Want someone to show me EXACTLY what to do. worry that I’m running out of time because I might lose my current academic job in December. Distrust myself.
R – doubt that I’ve made progress

C – same
T – I don’t know what to do
F – doubt (maybe shame)
A – doubt my ability to do this. I start to distrust myself because I was just starting to trust myself for the first time, and feel like I was told that I did it all wrong. WANT (needy want) to make money and just keep thinking that I don’t know how. Feel a “gut punch” of saying to myself that I can’t trust my calm that I was feeling and thought was a breakthrough. Spin about how, when to make offers with this on repeat – I don’t know…I don’t know…I don’t know. I thought I knew and I was wrong.” Have a hard time swallowing. Crying lots. Feel like I cannot trust myself and that I need more information. Worry about 4.
R – I tell myself that I don’t know what to do – 0 paying clients.