I hate I’m not making money!

I need a punching bag. Ok, I’ve been a life coach since September. Before that, I was a health coach for a company and then I spent a year building an Amazon business. I know that I haven’t been a life coach for a long time but I keep getting so angry that I’m not making money as a life coach. I get angry because people don’t reach out, they say…you’re so inspirational but then nothing. Even just typing this, I want to explode.

I did a thought download and got lots of thoughts but the one that stands out the most to me is, T: “I hate that I am not making money.”

C: My Life Coaching Business
T: I HATE that I am not making money
F: rage
A: resent my business, get angry, stew in my anger, beat myself up, check out. “hit” my head against the wall, default to old thinking, hate my business, myself, spin in my angry thoughts, buffer, take it out on myself, my kids, worry about our finances, question if I should be doing this, question if my clients are coming, question myself, my value and the value I’m putting out, if I should make an offer, if my offer is right, spin in confusion and doubt.
R: I don’t make any progress are money in my business as well as personally.

It really feels like every step I take forward into the newer version, the angry and darker my subconscious gets. It is a bit scary.
Thank you in advance!