I have 2 territory reps with a conflict.

Rep A was covering for Rep B’s territory during a vacation. Rep A developed a very strong rapport with the store manager – who then requested to only work with Rep A going forward.

Original rep is clearly upset by this and now the 2 are in a conflict that is impacting performance and morale. I need to step in and help resolve the conflict. I’d like to do a model with each Rep. Because the store manager is a big piece of business, I want to accommodate his request to change reps – grow the business.

But, I need Rep B to feel heard and make it okay for her situation. i.e. I’m considering asking Rep A to make the call on whether or not he wants the business and what would he be willing to trade for it. If he chooses not to take the offer, then I’ll step in to work with the store manager to understand how we can best serve him, but that we must adhere to regional boundaries.