I have a client

Im working through a model here about one of my trainees.

Her husband has to be available on a moment’s notice for his work. Her kids are immunosuppressive so there has been concern about bringing in a nanny because of covid.

So her business isn’t growing and she isn’t making the deadlines.

I have tons of compassion. I get it, and I have a thought of “come on, figure it out” because she figured it out last year when she had to spend 10 days with me and was a 4 hour flight away. Her husband was around for that.

So I know she can figure it out.

So a few thoughts there.

Here is one model.

C – trainee
T – come on!
F – exasperation
A – oscillate between resignation , wait and see
R – (Im not sure what the result is but I know I don’t feel good and I am less connected with her. I am holding back. But I don’t want to say “come on” because it is currently coming from a place of judgement.

I realize that as a trainer, my trainee’s world is her own and her thoughts and models are hers. I just feel she can be so much more, and part of my IM model has me exploring that she is good just as she is. So I’m playing with the idea of loving her.

C – trainee
T – I love you trainee (which as I type that I am saying that to myself too)
F – patience
A – listen to all of it. All of it. Be connected to myself as I listen.
R – I am not sure – because I can’t control what she does – there is certainly more love and less judgement present and more connection with myself. And I can trust what comes out of mouth as being from the best most loving place.

Thank you for your help.