I have to have a certification

I coached primarily women on the emotions and practicalities of budgeting and liked it for a time. But then I started listening to a lot of my own doubts and fears and convinced myself I didn’t actually like it, that I can’t coach people until they’re ready to make a change and I don’t know how to tell if they are, people are flakey with scheduling, etc. And one thought that came up for me a lot was that I wasn’t qualified, I didn’t know enough, I didn’t have the answer for every question they might have, I just wanted to fix their problems and didn’t know how to be a coach as they had their own awarenesses. As I consider launching it again, I ran this model:

C: Resuming coaching business
T: I need at least one certification to be a coach.
F: Demoralized
A: Don’t get certification, don’t coach, beat myself up, indulge in indecision about when/which one/do I even want to coach, I wait for something external to tell me which certification/that I should afford it/that it will fix everything
R: I don’t coach myself into just starting.

The R feels not very helpful here, so I’d love feedback on the model. And any practical/other advice you have about this situation!

Thanks much.