I help statement drama

After watching Brooke’s double your business I realized my statement is really vague. I wanna help women develop radical self-belief so they can start making money doing what they love (go for the job or career they don’t trust they can do or start their own businesses). I have the belief that these people want a career or biz coach not a high-performance/mindset coach.
I also think it’s not super clear what I’m doing yet. I don’t just want to work with entrepreneurs because I think there are so many other women who’d need me. What about the girl trapped in a 9-5 wanting to be an actress?!

Also most new entrepreneurs want biz coaches with strategy which I don’t wanna do. So then it needs to be an entrepreneur who already has all the strategy but has blocks and routines that don’t serve her in reaching her goals. I’m unsure if I should ditch the career bit and just focus on women with businesses?

I also doubt if women think they need self-belief. My current statement is: I help women develop the radical self-belief needed to become magnetic AF and attract more, money, opportunities and joy in biz and career.

It’s all very vague but I don’t feel in integrity with promising a certain dollar amount they will be able to make. So my brain is confused about how do I make it juicy but don’t promise something that isn’t in integrity with me?