I indulge in overwhelm

I realize that my primary indulgent emotion is overwhelm. I own/direct a brick and mortar business that I’m expanding. I also have a new life coaching business. I’m also involved in many volunteer positions. Then there’s my 4 kids and their kids, etc. In addition I’m an artist, musician, etc., etc., etc. Plus self development, scs. I know that overwhelm is a choice but I also know I need to constrain some of my activities and I’m working towards that. For example, my husband will eventually take over the other business but we need his income at his work until we have completed our expansion plan. Once we do that, I’ll focus on coaching. Until I choose to make some changes in my schedule how do I manage my overwhelm?

This is what I came up with:
C: business, family, activities
T: There’s always too much to do!
F: Overwhelm
A: I’m scattered and not as effective as I could be.
R: There’s too much to do to get it all done effectively.

C: business, family, activities
T: There’s plenty of time. I choose to focus on one thing at a time.
F: more relaxed, focused
A: I focus on one thing at a time and relax into that project.
R: I finish my projects.

Am I on the right track?