I just cannot subscribe to B- work mentality

I am not sure I can get behind this idea because seriously none of Brooke’s work is B-. None of it. Nothing about the Life Coach School is B-. Why would I delude myself into thinking that putting out B- work into the world won’t have negative repercussions for my reputation professionally?

Maybe what I put out won’t be A+ work, but I think to avoid ridicule and lasting bad “first impressions” I’m shooting for A or A- level, not perfection, but sheesh, not something that will get me laughed off the stage. I understand that there is value in putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, failing publicly, etc but if I put out B- work the lesson I’d most likely learn is that I should have tried harder, made it better, refined it, etc.

C- create a program with the goal of B- work
T-not good enough
A- wonder what there is to gain from setting the benchmark as B- in my life. spend energy defending my thoughts, which are that if I put out B- I will make a bad impression that will have lasting consequences.
R- internal struggle over whether B- work is ever good enough for something that matters a lot personally or professionally.

C-B- work
T- I value my professional reputation (which I have worked hard to build) too much to risk it by putting out something that is unabashedly B-
F- anxious
A- worry about how my program/course (it is still just a thought in my head at this point) will be received. Commit to creating it.
R- committed, determined, plan to create the course