I just lost a coaching client while in the process of moving

I am really kind of dragging myself to get coached cause I know it’s exactly what I need even though my brain just wants to lay on the floor and curl into a ball. I’ve been having tons of success in my coaching biz! I am on track to doubling my income from $2k to $4k this month. Just now I finished coaching a client on a payment plan who is deciding to discontinue. I feel dissapointed, defeated, scarcity, insufficiency. I know it’s not my client. It’s my thoughts so here are my thoughts:

Fuck man
There’s no point in trying if people are just gonna quit
It’s cause I’m not a great coach
I’m not pushing people enough
I won’t be able to afford moving out
I shouldn’t have spent as much as I did this month
I should’ve been more careful this month
I’m not charging enough
I’m never gonna get passed the struggling coach level
I guess I should go do network marketing instead since it’s a little easier
I’m gonna have to get a job I don’t like to afford moving out

The part I guess I am feeling the most fear in is I was about to move out in December. I was really feeling like I would never have to work a job again. How can I process this as quickly as possible and get back to work? I want to guarantee my result that I can more than afford to move out by December with my online coaching and MLM biz alone. I don’t want to let this setback get to me.