I look and sound bad on video

I am in the process of creating videos for a new course I’m working on. During the process of filming (and when I film myself on Instagram!) I think that I sound and look fine – I don’t really have drama about it. But when I am editing these videos (filmed on a real camera, not my iPhone), I think I look awful and sound boring.

I heard on a recent podcast that thoughts like “I’m working on being better on film” are not useful – that they should be more decisive like “I am great on film,” but I just can’t get my brain to believe this. I want to get my videos done and move on. Here is my unintentional model:

C: Filming videos for course
T: I look and sound terrible
F: Defeated
A: Pick on food (snack), refilm videos 6 times, spin in thoughts about how this will never work
R: I still think I look and sound terrible AND I’ve wasted time

I either need some help choosing new thoughts or I need some guidance on how to just acknowledge my brain is telling me this story and move on so I can get my work done. Thank you!