I make 100K Belief vs. I make a million dollars!

Hi, just listened to the Homework portion of Believing New Things.
Q. Is the entire homework practicing the thoughts daily (along with the future letter) or am I missing other videos?

This sounds like a podcast episode, then a quick: here, go do it!

Please let me know if there is more to it than a daily sentence we practice believing. I downloaded the worksheet, write them everyday…?

Also and mainly, if I really prefer to believe I make a million dollars over 100k, can’t I write that instead of the bridge belief? I know I can write what works best for me, just wondering if there is a difference of proven results with your 100k clubsters…

Or do I give my all to make 100k first in baby steps so once I have actually made 100k, the million is more “believable” because the exercise is to work on beliefs that haven’t happened yet. Then, when they happen, we increase the goal?

And if I miss a day out of the 30 days? I extend it to hit the full 30 days. Yes, I’m over-thinking, there is no right or wrong but I’m wanting to take this on seriously legit because I know I am making a million, count me in!

Thanks so much!