I narrowed my niche, do I dump what I had in the too broad of a niche or transform what I have?

After being here a few months and actively doing the monthly work, I’ve finally gotten it into my brain to take the leap of faith and narrow my niche way down. My niche was the high-functioning woman who’ve begun to question their excessive drinking but just could not figure out how to stop. She didn’t see herself fitting into AA or claiming herself as powerless. Around this niche, I launched a Podcast (I like talking way better than writing). I hit 5,000 downloads within 3 months of launching; however no new business and on average 1 new email person per week.

I’ve narrowed my niche down to the seasoned women Flight Attendants who have found their crew lifestyle has led them to drink way more than she ever thought she would. (yes, this is me & I teach my solution via online courses) She’s afraid to reach out to the company offered help because of many reasons. She doesn’t believe it’s all that anonymous, she’s not a person who needs rehab, she just wants to get back in control of alcohol, meetings are never going to work with her lifestyle, and fears inconvenient repercussions at work (not so random alcohol & drug screening at the end of long days away from home) added onto the stigma society already places on questioning if you drink too much.

My question is two-fold.

Is the niche too small?

If not, then do I rebrand what I have going forward by changing graphics to match crew life and weave in crew life stories, challenges and struggles into all future episodes; however, leave the Podcast name the same but change tagline and description to be extremely targeted towards my niche.

Or start over with new podcast and website.