Here’s rough overview of my situation:
Starting in late 2017, created a program, built a website, based on helping men with anger issues. Tried several freebies, ran FB ads, got about 60 subscribers, got 3 free clients, all broke (no money), coached 2 of them for several months, helped them, and loved it.

In February I decided to change my niche to relationships, targeting women. I’m a man BTW. At that point I had not further narrowed my niche, but wanted to get something going so I made a freebie, oriented around relationship improvement ( vs relationship seeking) ran FB ads with decent results – $3/opt-in – got 100 subscribers. At that point I turned off the FB ad while I refined my niche.

I have an email series, which is now up to 5 emails. I have a 55% open rate on the first email (the one delivering the freebie), then 29%, 24%, 22%, 18%. These emails are good content, around 500 words each.

CTA varies – in some I ask a question, and ask them to reply to me via email to open a dialogue.
In email 4 I mention free mini-session, and CTA is to reply to email if you’re interested.
In email 5 I again mention mini-session, and lay out very explicitly in STEP 1.. STEP 2 format the process they are to follow, with a button that goes to my online scheduler.

I’m getting absolutely no engagement beyond the fact that some folks are opening the emails. I also link to my website with blog (which I’m publishing only sporadically) but I am getting next to no traffic to my website, so certainly these 100 people on my list aren’t engaging there.

In the meantime I have somewhat narrowed my niche and updated my site accordingly. My statement of target market is the following:
I help single professional women in their 40’s and 50’s who are actively dating with the goal of finding a life partner, but are exhausted and frustrated with the process, suffering from indecision and self doubt, lamenting the ‘quality of the dating pool’, etc. I have a statement of solution etc, with Home, About, and Work With Me pages.
In the next week or so I’ll create a new freebie oriented towards this marketing, launch FB ads, tune up my email series, etc. I have other things I’ll be doing as well – getting on a regular content publishing schedule, doing some basic videos for my emails and FB page, getting a regular weekly broadcast email going.

However I think that the most important thing for me right now is to MAKE OFFERS and get some mini-sessions I know that while working on details for the new (and not-to-be-changed for a year!) niche is productive work, it’s too easy in a way. I feel like I need to do something with the 100 women on my list already just to prove to myself that I can. And I’d like to help some people! I know that 100 people on a list is nothing, but it seems that I could expect to get some engagement more than I have.

Specific questions are:
– do you think I’m right to continue putting energy into the existing list of 100, making offers to them with the goal of getting some folks on a mini-session.
– or should I let them ride, in that they’ll be on my list and get my emails, but get things moving for the finalized niche and start building my list there. I’m willing and able to put the money into FB ads.
– do you see any obvious glaring flaws in what I’m doing or not doing?*