I need help with the focus of my business

Background: I’ve been running my own design and brand business for the past 5 year or so, at around £1-5K monthly income, so things have always been financially tight. I’ve wanted to help others through coaching for around the same time period and finally took a certified course this year. That I finished at the end of July.

Around the same time I started my certification, I hired a coach who said they could help me launch my coaching business, get my first clients and help me focus both my businesses. I literally paid them every last penny I had received from government support (£3K) for 3 months and things started great but after the first 6-7 weeks they basically lost interest in me – too busy to take my calls, had no sessions, and despite me chasing and chasing I’ve just walked away at the end of the 3 months no better off and feeling more of a mess. Its knocked my confidence hugely as they promised so much then just dropped me and haven’t delivered. The worst bit is they are constantly flashing their new rolex or new car on social media and talking about the amazing results their clients are getting and how they go all in with everyone they work with. For a while it really impacted my self worth – why am I not good enough? Whats wrong with me? It doesn’t seem right that the coach I hired to improve my mindset actually has sent me backwards. I realise these are all just thoughts and I’m now just looking to move forward.

I now realise the damage that a bad coach can cause – if I wan’t doing this work here in SCS I would be actually quite depressed about the situation.

I’m chalking it up to experience, but its kind of led to the situation I’m in now which I need help with.

1. I put all my time into getting my certification for a couple of months so my brand business has no new work
2. I REALLY want to start helping others with my coaching, and due to my own experience hiring a coach, I know the kind of coach I DON’T want to be.
3. I have NO IDEA what to focus and who to serve, and no idea how to launch my coaching business.
4. Do I focus on coaching? My design business? Both? It feels overwhelming to decide.

I really need some clarity and focus. Help!