"I need to chat to my husband"

Hi, coaches-

I’m a bit stuck. When it comes to my pricing, a lot of people on my call say “I’m going to have to ask my husband”.
I try coach them on this, but ultimately it resorts to “I need time to sit and discuss finances with him.”
Do you have any suggestions about how to handle these situations? I struggle to keep them on because I don’t want to seem pushy.

So, it often results in me coaching them a little on this by saying how much value it gives and that if they truly knew that they would achieve their result would they do it? Then I go on to say, “if you feel more comfortable discussing it, then chat to your husband and get back to me.”

What often happens is that they either don’t get back to me, or say that it’s out of budget. When I follow up, they ghost me.

I charge $350 per month, so I know my pricing is cheap.

I’m having trouble closing the calls. They always say it’s amazing and exactly what they need! But then when it comes to pricing, I get the “I’ll have to chat with my husband” story and haven’t gotten any new clients! I’m struggling to see how to handle these situations or learn from them in a way that can improve my sales calls!

Please help coach me on this.