I no longer have the funds

I’m a women’s weight loss coach following up with my warm leads scheduled to start in April and the circumstance, I’ll use one is:

C: prospect said “I lost my job and no longer have the funds to join”

I’m struggling with what I’m thinking where I believe her versus what an intentional model would be to effectively move through this transaction…

“Effectively” meaning A) best case: she joins B) serve her regardless of joining and offer her value in our interaction

I have the thoughts:
She doesn’t have the money
She doesn’t value her health as much as her other bills
It’s insensitive of me to show her that is a thought and not her actual circumstance
I don’t want to come off pushy
I want to be understanding and empathetic to her situation
I’m out of line for implying she can actually afford it
I’m not sure she can afford it

I guess my Q is how to overcome this objection? I’m stumped on exactly what to respond and best utilize this time and opportunity to help her