I started a podcast and feel like stopping it now. Should I push forward?

Last July I had the idea of contacting an inspiring woman, record an interview with her, and put it online, which I did. Once that was done I thought I should continue. I thought It would look good to have a podcast (for background, I’d just decided in April that I wanted to start a new business as a coach). I have since then made a weekly episode, sometimes interviews, sometimes on my own.

I’m finding it super hard. It takes me hours and hours every week to be able to get it out on time and I feel like it’s taking most of my creative time. I feel like stopping in January and just call it a Season 1 and see if I want to start a Season 2 at some later point in time. But I’m questioning if that would be giving into typical resistance from my brain and be a ‘mistake’.

I should say my priority this year is to make money as a coach, and I’ve now been hearing from several coaches that doing a podcast when you begin is taking the long road to find clients and you should put your attention into more rapid ways of creating value to find clients – connecting with people, networking etc.

I know I’m doing 2 models at same time here but here goes:

C – Creating Free Content to attract clients
T – I want to be free to create when I want. Podcast is too hard, too much (and I’ve got 20 ppl max listen to it in the end anyway). Social Media posting, going live on FB is way more spontaneous, interactive (which I love) and fun.
F – Thinking of the podcast I feel dread. Heaviness. Thinking of creating social media posts / FB lives, I feel a sense of expansion, ease, fun.
A – Currently: for podcast: push, force myself to get an episode out, struggle to be inspired. Posts: having more fun. Yet doing both = taking me so much time, I’m exhausted.
R – Podcast: got me one client (my first! just last week); Social Media Posts: got me at this stage 2 consults, scheduled for next week.

So both are able to get me results, it seems, with more consults coming from my posts. But I have very little data at this stage still. Basically, I want to be efficient with how I use my time to create the best result in terms of connecting with potential clients and inspiring them to get in touch with me. Both seem valid ways, Podcast is less fun for me, but I can see how if I would go all in, I could make it better and even more fun for myself. But I don’t want to not do posts/social media. Basically, I want to do everything, and I don’t think that is possible.

I could also do a model on doing both podcast and social media posting.

C: podcast + social media posting
T: it’s too much, I DO NOT have time to do all this. I am already exhausted, I can’t do that.
F: exhausted. Confused.
A: doing both, questioning what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, trying to figure out what strategy to define for myself
R: some consults, clients; feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and dread at having to create so much stuff every week.

Intentional Model:

C: podcast + social media posting
T: I am efficient and strategic with it. It’s light and fun.
F: Calm. Focused. Clear.
A: optimize my organization and time management. Possibly hire some help to edit the podcast + recycle it into social media posts.
R: good quality, inspiring stuff posted each week.

But from a business standpoint, is that even smart to want to do it all?

I’m just confused.

Thank you for any help you can provide!