I think I am getting it

I listened to part of the podcast episode with Ryan and Brooke, and I think I get it.
I can be okay right where I am. I can like what I have. And I can want more.
I can also want more out of a lack. But if I go after something out of lack,I will likely have more lack.

Where the work comes in for me… Some of my thinking is getting to $1M will somehow have me “arrive”.
When I do a model on that it looks like this.
C- $1M
T- I will arrive when I earn $1 M
F- Kindof tight
A- Do activities but it is a little stressful
R – It isn’t all that fun and it is tiring

C- $1M
T- I want to do this because I want to do this
F – connected, on purpose, there is an inner power
A – I see the end, I can see it all the way through and my actions line up to my outcome
R – It is way more fun, and frankly, I feel like I am already there.

This starts to become more fun. I really am okay as I am right now. And I want more.
But the desire is more evolutionary – I do have to be careful though… I can see how sneaky I can be in saying it is evolutionary as euphemistic for lack.
But I also feel the distinction. So the more I am coming from a place that isn’t lack…. which would be great to name, actually… I am suspecting the faster I will get to where I want to be.

Can you help confirm, clarify, refine?