I think my niche is too broad, but I’m afraid to scale it back.

I am a plant-based health coach and I help people stop stressing and stress eating so that they can lose weight, heal digestion and create the body of their dreams.

But…I feel like as a niche is too broad?? My sub-category is plant-based eaters, and I know that many of them are stressing themself sick—they are doing all of the right things, but can’t lose weight because of their stressful thoughts. They can’t heal their body completely because of stress and they are of course buffering with stress eating.

Part of me thinks I should just focus on the stress eating and help plant-based eaters stop stress eating, because that’s what I’m most passionate about. But, I’m self conscious because I don’t feel perfect at it.

Part of me thinks I should focus only on weight loss because “everyone wants to lose weight” but since I don’t have a great weight loss story, I feel like that isn’t my best angle or my most passionate topic.

I personally healed digestion by managing my stress, so I think I could focus on that, but then I worry that I don’t know enough there either.

I came here to ask if you thought it was OK to focus on all 3 under the umbrella of managing stress, but now that I’m typing this out I’m seeing that my bigger issue is self-confidence.

Feeling like I’m enough!! It keeps cropping up everywhere!!!

What are some great resources for working on that? Because I think you are going to tell me that it probably doesn’t matter—just pick one!! I think I’m holding onto all 3 because I’m afraid that I’m not perfect enough at any of them and therefore by stretching myself thin, I am not getting perfect at any of them!

But if I decided that I was enough at one of them, then it would be enough!