I wan to discontinue my monthly membership and focus on my 3 month program, but having fears about it

Hi, I am a holistic health coach, with a thriving practice! My funnel is currently being ironed-out to make my business more streamlined, profitable, and self-sustaining while I am away for 3 months on maternity leave in February, March, and April.

The funnel is this:
5 Day Challenge (free) –>
14 day Reset and Rebalance course ($289) –>
Then that routed to EITHER my monthly membership (MM) OR my 3-month program (3MP)

Earlier this year I made $40K in one quarter, which is a lot for me, by really pushing my 3-month program (3MP). But then I got burnt out (bc some changes needed to be made to that offering). I made said changes to make it more sustainable for me, as the coach who is offering all this 1:1. (I also temporarily tried offering a group program, but no one signed up!)

I also created a monthly membership (MM), and at most had 10 people in it. Now, we are down to 6. This dip is not a problem. But I find myself feeling torn, not having time or making space to create content for the MM, while also making time for my 3MP clients

I want to stop focusing so heavily on funneling to the the membership, and instead focus on funneling everyone to the program.

These are the reasons I want to do so:
-Focusing on 3-month program will:
-Streamline my funnel
-Allow me to have more space to continue to improve the 3-month program,
-More time to filter in more clients for 3 month program
-Make my to-do list feel more manageable
-Open up space to finally record some podcast episodes.
-Allow me to use the awesome 3MP manual, cookbook, and other amazing materials I have already created. No “reinventing the wheel!”

The reasons I am afraid to drop the monthly membership (plus my brain’s responses to those fears):
-I have put a lot of time into it and will feel like that time was wasted (I know it wasn’t!)
-I have my 6 ladies and do not want to let them down (they can still schedule 1:1 monthly sessions with me for a similar price)
-My marketing team JUST finished an email sequence call-to-action to filter people into the monthly membership (more wasted time? Although, we can use the almost identical copy but replace the offering from the monthly membership to the 3-month program)

When I look at this, I want to go ahead and drop the MM – or maybe just no longer promote it, then slowly decide how to direct the 6 members, so that I can still serve them somehow. 5 of them have already done the 3MP.

I might already have my decision. I am just feeling fear come up with the thoughts “I wasted time on the MM”, “This may be a mistake”, etc… Or questions like, “maybe I can do both? why limit to just one next step for clients?” But I feel overwhelmed having to support BOTH offerings and really want to streamline!

Any feedback is welcomed!!