I want to become a full time entrepreneur!

I want to be a full time entrepreneur. I have always worked a full time job and just operated my business as a side hustle. I have fears of going full time in my business and failing to make the necessary money to sustain my lifestyle. I also think my family sees my business as a side hustle and is not in full support of me going full time because I’ve always worked a full time job!

How do you propose that I should move into full time entrepreneurship? Should i give myself 3 months? 6months? 12 months? before I make the leap. How do you also propose that I handle the fear of failing at full time entrepreneurship?

I love my business and I would do it for free if I had to BUT I DON’T WANT TO 🙂 I also believe that my family is waiting to see if I can produce before they’ll take my full time venture seriously! Should I care though?