I want to market one of a kind estate jewelry, textiles . Is this the wrong program for me to be in?

It seems to me this group is for learning how to put together a scalable enrollable online course and or work shop., not for selling physical things- but selling ideas attitudes plans guides and personality and I do have an idea for an workable solution for a transforming health program that I know works and I think I could adapt to an online class.

But I also have a house stuffed with exquisite or interesting or collectible treasures I’d like to exchange to the public for money and I used to run a clothing manufacturing cottage industry business specializing in indigenous clothing so I have some knowledge in that field.

Either choice I desperately need tremendous help in detailed technical set ups, online fluency and technology.  For example how do I set up a separate, business phone number on my iPhone? Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find that support?