I want to only offer 1 year coaching packages but then also offer 3 months during the consult.

I’m a general life coach. I have two offers 3 months and 1 year. I decide which offer is best for the potential client when we’re on the consultation, based on their needs/issues. This is where I’m struggling right now.

I had a consult where I know 100% she needs 1 year and 3 months won’t cut it for the work needed to be done. So, at the end, I told her the 1 year package offer – BUT THEN – immediately said, I also offer a 3 month option. I recommended 1 year as the best package and process for her and her growth “but ultimately the decision is yours if you preferred the 3 months.”

I stepped out of expert energy and let her decide. Then she said, “could I start with the 3 months and then sign up again for another 3 months if I wanted?” I said “yes, but financially the 1 year at that point would be most beneficial.” To which she replied she understood and would decide which package on our follow up call later this week.

I keep trying to stay in expert mode when I say the offer but I back down for fear that the client won’t sign at the 1 year and at least I’d have them for the 3 months. It’s a total selfish thought – “at least I’ll have a client” and I don’t want to coach or be the coach that functions in that way.

Unintentional Model:
C- My 1 year offer
T- What if they don’t want coaching for this long?
F – apprehensive
A – Suggest both offers and let them decide
R – The client is apprehensive on which offer is the best for them.

C- My 1 year offer
T- This is exactly what my potential client needs to change her life.
F- resolved
A- Only offer my 1 year package
R- My potential client understands the value of a 1 year offer in changing her life.

I’m working on my belief in the intentional model but struggling to stick to it during the consult. Thanks!