I want to quit

I launched a new program at the start of this year and it hasn’t taken off as I expected. Right now it is not profitable and I am using savings and credit cards to cover my bills. The offer relates to getting clients which is a niche I’ve specialized in for 25 years. I have a track record of success but it has become more crowded over the years.

The people who are in the program are getting great results and I understand that my results (2-3 clients per months vs desired 15) are because I need to get more people to see the offer and I haven’t communicated the value well enough yet to the people who have considered joining. Basically, I could not say that I have given this my all for the past few months. There’s still a lot I haven’t done to promote this. The urge to quit is very strong. I’m telling myself like ‘this isn’t working, you need to course correct’.

But I am loathed to change my offer. That would be changing the C line as an attempt to avoid these yucky feelings I currently have on the F line – fear, disappointment, sadness, despair. I am also looking back at my past results and another program which in hindsight WAS successful but that I stopped promoting after 2 years because the numbers ‘weren’t enough’. I see newer and younger competitors who are making their mark and I wonder if I’m just past it and it’s time for me to make way for them.