I want to stop this loop of comparing myself to others who are doing what I am doing.

I loved the podcast episode on Envy. It was helpful at the moment but I feel myself going back to my old ways… comparing myself to others and feeling resentment and low when I see them win. I try to think to myself — “Hey them winning is awesome! That mean’s that it is possible for me too,” but it doesn’t FEEL true inside.

In truth, I do want them to succeed. I would love them to get everything they want. It’s only because they are doing similar things to what I am pursuing, it makes me feel like it’s a competition (when I know inside I shouldn’t look at them as competitors). Them winning has nothing to do with my own winning. It’s just hard for me to not COMPARE when I have been used to comparing to track my own success (childhood habits).

I’d love to get some help here with my thoughts.

Unintentional model:
C – My friends are posting about their success in the field that we both are in.
T – He’s doing so much better than me in a shorter amount of time.
F – Bad about myself and unappreciative of my own progress.
A – Wallow and then move on.
R – I get over this feeling and get back to work, and then it comes back again when I see another update from them.