Is my idea a good one?

Hi Brooke!

I just finished re-listening to your Productivity podcast, and realized I have been falling into Perfectionism regarding my business idea.

I am currently a psychotherapist and have a lot of training in coaching as well. I have been pushing the idea of becoming a life coach for the past few years, and it just isn’t lighting me up. Over the past year, I created journal for a friend of mine who has a massive life coaching program with tons of content. I extracted the content and brought her work together in a concise way that will allow the general public to go really deep with her work. My friend and colleague designed it, and it turned out GORGEOUS! It is selling like hotcakes, and my designer friend and I felt an amazing sense of satisfaction after creating it. She and I launched a magazine in our community years ago which was fantastic and beautiful (called Chic Mom), and we work incredibly well together.

It got us thinking about offering this service to ppl – as a business. We’re calling our business Inspired Content, and it is sort of an editing, writing, publishing company. What we will offer is 3 different levels of content creation for coaches, healers and entrepreneurs who are successful, and want to create more courses, workbooks, journals, etc., but don’t have the time or interest. Our price points are $350 to create free giveaways, $1500 to create a 4 week course / workbook, and $5900 to create larger bodies of work. We won’t get anything printed, marketed or published. We will just create and remove the workload, and present our customers with beautiful, thoughtful work that represents their brand and vision. My jam is in finding words, getting to the essence of things, and getting cozy and creating. To me, that is fun! And my friend and I have created amazing work together over the years, and both have stellar work ethics.And – we’re 50, and don’t want to waste any more time doing things for free. We want to have a real business.

I wanted to ask you if you thought it was a good idea? I know you are all about specifics, and I feel like this is a specific offering to solve a specific problem. I also think it could grow to much more and be more full service as we get better and more knowledgable.

With your amazing background as an entrepreneur, do you think this is a good idea? Would love your feedback.