Ideal client/niche help

I’m indulging in confusion over identifying my ideal client and choosing my niche. I want to help teens. I specifically want to help the teenager who I was as a teen. Her parents have money, but her parents are also part of the problem. I think my confusion in identifying this girl to help is that Im not sure how I will find her or if her parents will be on board with getting her help. Here is what I’ve come up with:
“You’ve got a pretty good life, but you’re just not that happy. To an outsider you have it all, but on the inside that’s not how you feel. You know you should feel better because it’s not like you are physically abused or neglected, but something just feels off. You want more, but you don’t know what that is. You feel guilty for not being more appreciative of what you have. You love your parents and you would never want to betray them by saying your life is anything less than perfect. But you are just not happy. And you know there is more out there. You just have no idea how to get it.”
Can you give me some perspectice to gain clarity with this? Thank you!!