Ideal Outcome for Niche

Hi, I am working on a freebie for my niche, and am having trouble brainstorming an ideal outcome that would hook their attention.

My niche is women who travel who want to break through the monotony of their every day lives. They are seasoned travelers, so they don’t need advice on how to travel more, since that’s their “drug of choice” when it comes to buffering/escaping.

When they feel stressed, they book a plane ticket. But, they’re finding that something is missing from their everyday, which is more apparent when they can’t travel (such as now, during a pandemic).

They would Google, “How to break through monotony”. They think they just need to book another trip, go somewhere new, and then they’ll feel better.

I’m telling them the solution is not another trip, but to change their thinking about life “in between itineraries”.

I’m spinning myself in confusion trying to position myself in this travel-related market, and creating a freebie that is a compelling solution to something that feels more conceptual than concrete (such as losing weight).

I am aware that I’m probably overcomplicating this, but any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated!