Identical Content

I wrote an article and posted it online. The company who makes the product I wrote about liked it, copied it and put it on their website without asking for permission. I have written for their website in the past for a fee. I am working on other projects for them right now for a fee. When this happened days ago I was surprised but told myself ‘it’s no big deal’. I woke up this morning with ‘evidence’ that my mind has apparently been looking for. Evidence: google dislikes exact duplicate content. It’s a better practice to modify, excerpt etc. While I was excited I was also curious…why do I need evidence? Why isn’t (i didn’t give you permission to do this) enough? When I ask this I feel a tightening in my lungs. My thoughts include: “they pay you for other stuff-don’t rock the boat. You’ll get labeled as difficult to work with. It was an honest mistake.” I have explored: your writing was great! I could address this or leave it alone, both are available. One duplicate article doesn’t matter…. I’ve also asked,”If both turn out perfect…which would you choose.” Without hesitating I choose to ask for the content to be removed. It scares me more and has more lessons to learn. I do want to do more work first so I am truly coming from a place that doesn’t feel reactive or defensive. Could you please shed some light on my thinking? Was it buffering when I ignored it at first? Why is my brain looking for outside evidence? I want to feel strong and compassionate when I talk with them. Right now I bounce back and forth between the two…almost like I can’t merge the two feelings.