IG 2020 What if it’s easy?

I think I’m looking at my IG in a way that doesn’t help me. I think “This is my IG” and feel: panic, uncertainty anxiety. I think I am focussing on the word ‘impossible goal’ not what the goals is ‘Earn 30k from my digital product’.
When I have worked on it before my mental attitude was probably, “oh this is all really hard, but if I just stick to the worthy fails list and get them ticked off the list I’ll be ok”.
What if I thought something else, such as “This is easy”. What if I thought, “I haven’t achieved this goal before but now that I’ve got my Year of doing the impossible workbook it will be so easy for me to achieve my goal”. If I relax into it, enjoy it, play with it, isn’t that going to be better than being anxious about it?
I’m not sure why I was making it so hard. Maybe because it is important to me and if I squeeze it to death it will help? 😉
T: I’m not sure I can do it, Impossible Goal sounds like just that
F: skepticism
A: Take action like diligent student. Work not emotionally committed to tasks. Try to avoid taking action and not convinced or committed it will get me to my goal. Take action and see epic fails as reasons to achieve goal, ie, I’ve failed 25 times now can I have my goal achieved please. Abandon to do list as not committed.
R: IG is not achieved and is rolled over to the next timeframe. Proof that IG is just that, impossible to achieve (unless you’re a unicorn)

T: so great, I’ve got this workbook, that’s going to help me get to my goal.
F: excited
A: Take action with curiosity. Do all things on list convinced that it will get me to my goal. Interact with my actions – write them out, create charts, tick things off the list. Monitor my progress and adjust accordingly. Start to plan what reward I will give myself when I achieve my goal. Start to visualize myself not only when I achieve the goal, but also during the process. How I will turn up each day, how I will do the work. Take action knowing some things will work and other things won’t, but give it my whole heart. Plan on obstacles cropping up and how I will take action to overcome obstacles.
R: achieve goal.

I’m trying to understand why I thought it should be hard and think of the hard in a defeatist way. It could be easy, hard and fun at the same time. Now I understand the phrase “We can do hard things”.
I’ve been in scholars for 9 months now, are these the breakthroughs that you see? It’s so amazing.
Now I just think, Oh let’s do some more hard things, that will be such fun!