IG2020 Being ok about failing

Hello amazing coaches,

This week’s brain drama comes courtesy of IG2020.

So, Brooke says: If you tell yourself you’re going to fail, then you bypass that part of your brain that will tell you not to try because you might fail.  Having worked on my IG since February this year, I realise that I am still really, really resisting the idea that I might fail.  I can’t accept it.

I can’t accept it because:
It’s important to me and I really want to achieve it, and…
I agree with my brain that if I’m going to fail at it I might as well not bother, but also…
I can’t actually accept that I might fail.  I feel really badly about that.  The thought of failure, of accepting it, is really hard for me to accept.

Can you help me get into the groove of, “Well, it’s ok I’m going to fail at this, that’s totally ok, so I’ll just give it everything that I’ve got”.

Thank you so much.