I’ll be ok if I don’t reach my goal.

Hi Coaches,

In 2019, I did 200K in my business.

I have a goal to do 300K this year.

I didn’t start taking massive action on my goal until a month ago.

I did a thought download and ran models on every single one. I then wrote down all my thoughts once I got there and did models on those. I wrote out my actions from a place of belief and then everything that could get in the way. Finally, I created a plan to get to 300K from that place.

I got some coaching recently and one of the things the coach said was that I had to get to 100K before getting to 200K and then 300K, so I should focus on 100K first. I get that, but I’ve done 100K easily for the past 4 years.

I was sharing the goal with one of my contractors yesterday, and I found myself sharing the 300K goal, and then following that up with, “But, first we focus on 100K, and it’s fine if we don’t meet the 300K goal–its really just about the commitment to the 300K goal, not actually achieving it.”

My belief, which had been so strong in my body, feels missing, and I’m not sure what the next best thing is for me to do.