I’m doing it! (Nadège)

Dear Brooke,
I’m combining the June Dare of the Day with the September Getting it done and December Impossible Goal to launch my coaching business. My podcast has been rolling since the beginning of November and I’m having a lot of fun recording the episodes.
However, I need to overcome my shyness to reach out to my potential customers. So I’ve devised a 365-dare-of-the-day calendar in which each day of the week, I contact someone who might be interested in my Anglaisance podcast (to dare to be comfortable with learning and speaking English – it sounds better in French: “Osez être à l’aise en anglais”! ;-)). I list the 5 biggest benefits they might reap out from listening to it.
I’ve just sent a message to a list of fellow English teachers and because I don’t want to feel ridiculous, I’m sweaty with fear… No, let’s rephrase that: my skin is shining from the bravery I’ve just shown!
Thank you so much for your inspiration!
Have an awesome day!