I’m an Entrepreneur but not a Coach Part 2.

How exciting to hear back from you, Brooke! I’m so happy you can help me. I gave you a background of my business and you asked me to clarify:
-who I help?
-what is the problem I solve?
-how do I do it better than anyone else?
*I help small business owners gain new customers (examples of businesses I help are restaurants, auto repair/dealerships, hair salons, grocery stores, carwash, dentists, doctors, nail salons, just an example).
* the problem I solve is not enough customers and/or not the right kind of customers(demographics)
*My products are turnkey start to finish – consult, layout, design, mailing list, printing and mailing and followup. I can beat anyone’s price in the direct mail industry with no hidden costs. I have no contracts, you can mail just one time or 365 days a year. My turnaround time from start to mail is only 10 days. I mail based on area, carrier route or demographics.
So, Brooke, say I want to narrow down my focus to just weight loss doctors in Fort Myers/Naples area, for example, how can I systematize my business so I’m getting more leverage rather than just phone calls and walk ins? Or, should I just add more appointment setters? Also, I usually have to go through gate keepers before I reach the actual docs or decision maker.
Thanks so much!
BTW, my company website is www.ourtownamerica.com