I’m going to look stupid

I have decided that I’m going to come on here daily and get some feedback on my thought work so that I know I’m headed in the right direction.

Here’s my thought download

– I want to move out
– I want a new life
– I want to start over
– this one is getting too boring and repetitive
– I can’t get myself to do the work
– why don’t I have any drive?
– cause I’m afraid
– Afraid of looking stupid
– Not knowing what I’m talking about
-Not being a good enough coach
– Not having a good enough program
– not being able to handle it
– People won’t want to pay me
– Because I’m too expensive
– I’m ridiculous pricing so high
– I don’t even have much to offer
– people can’t afford me
– I don’t know how to create a good program
– I suck
– There are better coaches out there than me

I laughed after reading this but I also recognize that this all feels SO REAL. Even when I tell myself these are just thoughts.

Here’s my models:

C- Showing up online/starting my business
T- I’m going to look stupid
F- worry
A- inconsistent in my social media posts, keep knowledge to myself
R- I don’t show up as my best self or confident coach.

C- showing up online to start my coaching business
T- I’m going to talk about the things I love
F- excited
A- create a social media/ blog posting schedule, follow it religiously
R- I showed up daily to give and make connections

The second model sounds nice but I don’t think it’ll get me to do much.

I do want to give and help but I also selfishly want to make money from it.

I guesss I feel bad for that.

Like I have some hidden agenda behind my posts.


That’s a new thought I didn’t realize til I just wrote it now.


Anyways, can you help me with this second model?

Also, should I do more models on the rest of the thoughts.

Sometimes I think they all end up creating the same actions and results. Cause I end up in the same place every time.