I’m having troubles at asking for the right reward for my work.

Hi there. I’m a life coach & author of 2 books and it’s been 13 years working as a coach. And I think I have some issues with money. It’s hard for me to estimate the value of my coaching or lecture and tell the clients what’s the price. Last year on October, I gave birth to twins and now I have 3 kids. So, I desperately want to raise my income.

My personal coaching fee is approximately 80 USD per hour and I have only a few customers. Well, it’s OK since personal coaching is not my main business model. What I’d like to change is income from my online coaching program. (This is my main business at the moment) I’ve run a monthly online coaching program from January and it’s been 6 months. I’ve earned app 600 USD in January. It’s increased up to 1,100 USD this month and still, I think I’m overvalued.

For the past 13 years, while I work as a coach, I’ve earned up to 4,000 USD per month but it was only less than a year altogether. For the rest of the time, I earned 500 USD in average (it’s not correct since I don’t keep track of my income).

I’m a new member of Scholars and will study my money beliefs at this website. While I’m doing that, please tell me what I can apply in my specific situation.