IM on earning more money

Hello amazing people,

So, I had (yet another) aha! moment today when studying the money course. I realised that thoughts create feelings, not circumstances (who knew?!). Therefore my circumstances around money are separate to my thoughts. So liberating. (btw I do understand the model, but this time it fell into place in a different way).
So now, creating an IM around earning money. I started with results, because that’s fun.
R = earn £77k this year
A actions needed to earn £77k. Make and sell from new business (and keep existing job for time being)
F feeling needed to make more/sell from new business: EMPOWERED
T thought needed do create feeling of EMPOWERMENT:
here I am in two minds: the first thing I wrote was “I have everything I need to make and sell in my new business”
but when I worked out my C which is “I earn money”, it made my T more along the lines of “I want to earn more”
Do you have a thought about which T might serve me better?
And how does this look to you?:

C – I earn money
T – I want to earn more money using my new business (or) I have everything I need to make and sell in my new business
F – empowered
A – Make and sell
R – Earn £77k this year.

Now that I write it out, the T doesn’t make me feel empowered, it seems a bit dull. Does that matter? Maybe my T would be better as
T – I’d like to earn more money using my new business to do it or I’d like to challenge myself in my new business to raise my earning level.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.
I love ask a coach, it is SO useful, thanks so much,