I’m ready to be an Entrepreneur…………..


In December 2018, I joined SCS and am loving every minute of it. I have listened to everyone of your podcasts 🙂 AMAZING!
Here is some history about me… I’m in my late 50’s (NO TIME TO WASTE), Divorced, Highly trained RN ( >30 years), working my behind off >60 hours per week (therefore no free time & BURNED OUT!) and if I told you how much money I was making you would say WHA WHAAAT? (In your Brooke way LOL), I’ve been through several Coaching Programs and Coach everyday in the practice that I work for, I have NO doubt that I can do this on my own (well with your help 🙂 without being employed by an MD who does not know how to monetize his practice (By the way he is an amazing Dr and Brilliant but struggling financially- more on that later) I want to be trained by you to be an Entrepreneur. Oh and by the way I lost 100 # and reversed my my autoimmune disease and other hormonal issues (maintaining for 5 years). Still learning SO much from your courses!!! (I am a lifelong learner) I am ready to do this. Do you have a course in 2019? How do I proceed? You have inspired me and I am ready to dive in and make it happen! Please advise me on how to proceed. I’m feeling stuck which I am working on in my models.
Thank You in advance for providing such Amazing Value and for being an example of what is possible !!!!
How do I proceed?