I’m stuck at $100K! How do I break through and make more?

I’ve been making around $100K for 3 years now. Every year I think I’ll go beyond and then I remain at the same amount. My goal for this year is $200K, and I’m at $70K to date (it’s August 18th, so 8 months in). I’m planning two big launches for my group program before the end of the year, so $200K is a possibility in terms of how things are set up. But I’m not trusting myself to break past my usual income. It’s really in internal game at this point. How do I get to a place where I BELIEVE I can break through my income ceiling? How do I trust myself to break through? Right now, it’s like I’m expecting this not to work out. Or don’t believe it’s possible for me. Although a part of me does think it’s believable – now, as I type this out, maybe I just remind myself that it’s POSSIBLE that I’ll make $200K this year. And it’s possible I’ll meet my goals and more. That does feel like an improvement, already. Yay for writing things out 🙂 Curious what else there might be to work with here, though. Thanks in advance!