I’m stuck on my business name

Hello! I started a new business in 2019 and recently realized that someone else is using a VERY similar name for a similar business in another state. They started theirs before me.

I haven’t been promoting my business very much so far, and I don’t want to continue to run it under a name that’s already taken. While I’d prefer to use my own name, I’m in the process of changing my legal name to my husband’s last name, which is a very common name and would make it harder for people to find me in search engines (my maiden name is less common).

I’m having a really hard time coming up with a fictitious name that sounds good, is memorable, not in use, and describes what I do. Instead of moving forward with all the things I had planned to promote my services, I am now back to trying to find a name. Is this just my primal brain making excuses not to promote my business? I think it’s part of it, but the business name seems to be a legit issue that needs to be fixed.

I appreciate your insight on this. Thanks in advance!