Im Stuck!

Hi Brooke,

my 2018 impossible goal was to start a swimwear line, have in launched, and swim available for sale.

two of my guaranteed to fail actions were 1.) meet with a design advisor. 2.) meet with a swim designer and pick her brain.

Ive done both. After meeting with the gal that is currently a swim designer I am feeling stumped. She said her insight was that the fashion industry behind the scenes is not friendly, also that this goal is going to take me a minimum of 2- 3 years just to get it launched most likely, she said honestly this industry is a beast, and I am going to need probably a minimum of 50k just to get it hardly started. She also said that it isn’t very much creative work, she is over it, and actually shut down her business recently. . She said if I am going to do it I should be really sure that this is what I want to do and have a very clear vision.

I found this a little humorous but then digested it for a couple of days. I started questioning my idea. I started doubting my desire to “chase the beast ” and am now questioning if it will be fulfilling or not. I am not sure if I want this to be my dream now or what my compelling reason is at this point. So now I am stuck in I dont know if I want it badly enough or why I even wanted to do it and maybe I should get curious about something I am more passionate about. . like personal development. . I haven’t been doing my homework because I am not sure what belief or dream I want to believe right now. please help. thank you so kindly.