I’m too good??! ;)

Ok that might not actually be the case.
But I’ve recently started my coaching practice and have had 2 people go through an 8 week package with me. I help women heal their relationship with food. At the end of the 8 weeks the women were astounded with their results and felt like they did have a completely different relationship with food.
I was only offering 8 weeks because I thought it would be cheaper and easier to sell – limiting money beliefs – not because I necessarily believed that kind of transformation would be possible in 8 weeks.
I’m still skeptical about the results – maybe there was something I missed/ maybe they won’t find those results last…
So in the meantime I’ve signed someone up for a 3 month package and now I’m worried that we’ll come to 8 weeks and have nothing to coach on.
Rationally I know that there’s still always so much going on to coach on so I’m wondering:
A. Was there something I missed or something further I could have helped with if I had the insight to ask the previous clients. and
B. Am I going to have enough to coach on for 3 month!?