Impatience – I want to do everything all at once

I want to start my website, write my blog, build my Instagram following, finish up the entrepreneurial class, and start the Monday Hour One class. I know it’s ridiculous to want to do these things all at once, but I know they will all help me and I’m afraid that if I don’t start and finish them then I’ll lose interest and never complete any of it.

I’m not super confident with my ability to follow through. I get so excited about stuff and I’m all in. I go along at a good pace and then something happens to throw me off track and I never get back to it. I really want to be a life coach, help people, and earn 100K in my first year with my ultimate goal of earning $1M in 10 years. I have a great idea for my coaching business that I can start now, but I have it in my brain that if I don’t get started and do all these other things that I’ll get off track and never get to my goal.