Impossible Business Goal 25 Epic Fails

For the 25 Epic Fails, how do I know what counts as a fail?

For example if I do 25 posts on Linkedin and the goal is to Create 2 clients.
Would each post that doesn’t lead to a client be a fail?

Or does it have to be bigger for example a free training or a webinar?
Or should it be a combination of a bunch of different epic fails?

I know that the answer is “I just Decide” but I am wondering if you can give me some insight on what will be more effective for me?

I’m having trouble coming up with things that will really stretch me. I feel like I have done all the things before so I’m fine doing a webinar, posts, lives, trainings whatever I’m fine doing so I can just decide what want to do and do whatever as the result won’t come from the action but in my thought, feeling behind the action.

So I think this is my model:

C – 25 epic fails
T – I’m not sure what will be the most effective fails to stretch me most
F – Confused
A – not decide on them
R – I don’t end up thinking of them

Thanks for any clarity.