Impossible business goal

I am working on my impossible goal for 2018. This is what I have so far:
Goal: 1000 people on my business email list and 100 paying clients
Due Date: November 22, 2018 (Thanksgiving)

Why this is not possible-
No content on the website
No hosting for website
No content on facebook
I don’t have active campaign/aweber, etc
No opt-in
No lead generation software
I’m unknown
No degree in psych/ no life coach certification
I have no way to collect money
I have no product to sell
I’d have to figure out how much to charge

My question is whether my 2-part goal (for 1000 people on the email list and 100 paying clients) is ok for this assignment? I could just pick 100 paying clients because I would probably need to take all the same actions and this goal scares me a lot more. Maybe getting 1000 people on the email list would be part of the process of getting 100 paying clients?

I would love your input here. I’m freaking out and excited all at once. This is the best assignment ever!